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Read what my clients say about me...

Sarah B.

I'm so glad I found Brainworks Achievement Centre. My daughter was evaluated on 14/9/20. She is now excelling and enjoying every aspect of remediation sessions. Ms Browne always goes above and beyond my expecations. She is very warm and nurturing. Whenever I need help or have questions regarding my daughter she gives instant and honest feedback. I have seen a lot of improvement with my daughter's grades. I recommend Brainworks Achievement Centre. It's amazing to see the transition with your child unfold before your eyes.

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Alicia and Wayne B.

Ms.Browne is an extraordinary educator. The dedication with which the passion is applied to uplift a student is unwavering.


The author of this testimonial will attest that, our (student's name deleted) is a positive product of Ms. Brownes' intervention. From the initial assessment of the student, continual reinforcement, coupled with personal tuition, (her) learning curve and confidence has borne fruit. Both her academics as well as personal growth were influenced.


As a person, Ms.Browne exhibits a calm personality and we believe this is achieved because of the wealth of knowledge she has achieved in her field. This trait forms the platform from which, as an Educator, the ability to connect with her achievers is seamless.


Ms.Browne is held in high esteem. We are confident to state that the methods which she applies are trustworthy, dependable and beneficial, allowing the final product (student) to be prepared for future challenges.


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